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Creating the perfect nursery is one of the best home projects you’ll ever accomplish. Bringing baby home to a dream nursery is every mom’s dream and with the right amount of imagination and the perfect painting team on your side you can accomplish this dream easily.

When considering paint colors for baby’s room there are tons of choices, from bright patterns and bold colors to soothing pastels meant for peaceful slumber. While some parent’s decorate with the baby’s gender in mind, some like to go neutral. If you’re unsure of the colors and feel you want for your nursery get in touch with us today and we can arrange a color consultation well in advance of your project.

Planning the nursery colors early can help you select the many baby items you’ll need down the road in coordinating shades. Strollers, Car Seats, Playpens and a host of other baby products can be found in amazing colors and patterns and if you want to create a cohesive environment for your little bundle of joy a clear color plan can help with your baby shower and your personal shopping as well.

What the Experts Say: Research has linked green to calming effects and enhanced creative thinking, making it an ideal bedtime story backdrop. Calming effects to soothe them to sleep and a creativity boost for you to iron out that tugboat voice you’ve been workshopping.
Choose Your Hue: “Relaxing colors are relatively bright, not saturated,” Augustin says. “Sage green mixed with a lot of white is grayer than kelly green and more relaxing. Kelly green is a truer green, not very bright, and more energizing.”

What the Experts Say:
 Despite the grand tradition of drawing a happy face on the sun (that’s going on the fridge!), yellow is the world’s least favorite color. “People love it or hate it–there’s no middle ground,” but because it’s considered gender neutral (along with green), people still frequently paint nurseries yellow. It can work, but it takes some finesse.
Choose Your Hue: “The standard myth is, put yellow in a baby’s room and the baby will cry,” say many color xperts. “Well, yellow is the first color the eye can see, so, sure, that will be true if you use a primary yellow. We would all cry if we painted our bedrooms that color.” The trick is to go with a lighter, creamier shade. Plus, using colors that are closer to white, in general, affords flexibility when decorating the rest of the room.

What the Experts Say: If yellow is hated, blue is universally loved. The association with scenic ocean vistas and peaceful cloud-gazing gives it a calming effect If you’re wavering between colors, go with blue.
Choose Your Hue: No one shade is best.  “If you’re stuck, go with a powdery or grayed-out light blue. You’ll be happy.”

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