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The Midwest has no shortage of historic buildings.  As a seasoned painting contractor in the Ann Arbor area, we’ve worked on many of these buildings, and we consider it a great privilege. It could be anything from an old manufacturing building renovated into commercial spaces or apartments above a downtown Ann Arbor storefront.  Whatever kind of historical property you are transforming, CJ and Son Painting of Ann Arbor will help you complete the job correctly.

In order to properly paint and preserve these structures for future generations, it’s necessary to do thorough research of the construction materials and all original paints and finishes. After that prep work is completed, we undertake a careful removal and cleaning process. For wood interiors and exteriors, particular attention will be focused on preserving the wood’s integrity. No chemicals or tools will be used that could possible damage or remove any of the historic wood.

Once it’s time to paint or refinish, we’re ready to go, as we’ve already done color or finish matching in our research process. If a different color or finish is required by the owner, we’re happy to advise on that as well. We use a combination of rolling, brush and spray depending on the interior or exterior’s particular demands.

Naturally, each historic building and landmark is different and they should be treated as such. Again, this process starts with proper research.

One thing to keep in mind in the historic painting process is the presence of lead paint. In generations past, lead-based oil paints were the norm for interiors and exteriors, whether it was commercial or industrial buildings. To ensure the safety of the current occupants and our own painters, we follow EPA guidelines. We set up a proper containment area, making sure that all lead paint particles are removed and disposed safely.

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